Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures


We aim to provide a stimulating environment in which children develop self-discipline and self-esteem. We believe in working towards managing behaviour rather than the discipline of a child.  Full details or a copy of our behaviour policy is available on request.


Places will be allocated each half term and holiday period, usually on a first come first served basis.  However, priority will be given to:
a) Children who attend Stickleberries regularly

  1. b) Siblings of children already attending
    c) Children who attend local/rural schools

Registration and Booking

All children must be registered with Stickleberries before attending.  Registration, Medical and Consent Forms are provided and should be completed and returned to Stickleberries before your child starts with us. Booking forms are provided every 8 weeks. Please ensure you complete and return these promptly as we use them to allocate places and therefore secure the sessions you require. Please inform Stickleberries immediately if contact or medical information changes. To cancel your contract with us, please put this in writing a month before leaving.


Fees for each 8-week block will be calculated and divided in half to pay at the end of the 4th and 8th week. Additional sessions from the previous 8 weeks will be added to the 1st payment of the following 8 weeks.  We regret that we are unable to refund fees paid for any sessions not attended, including cancelled sessions, we also do not swap sessions.  Payment not received by its due date will be charged at a daily rate of £5.00 unless arrangements have been discussed with either managers.


Children will only be allowed to leave the premises with those persons named on the registration form unless prior consent is given, where we ask for a password to be given on collection.

Equal Opportunities

All children are treated with equal concern regardless of their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural or linguistic backgrounds, sex and ability.  A detailed policy is available on request.

Safeguarding Children

All staff at Stickleberries have been vetted in accordance with OFSTED guidelines.  Volunteers will not be used unless they have DBS clearance.  Staff are trained to recognise the symptoms of possible neglect and abuse.  The child’s welfare is always our primary concern.  A copy of our full policy is available on request.

Special Needs

Stickleberries aims to operate with regard to the DfE Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of Special Educational Needs, and welcomes children with special needs. A consultation with parents and any professional body will be arranged to ensure that we are able to meet the child’s individual needs.

Parental Involvement

We actively encourage parents to provide any comments or suggestions that may help us to improve our provision or service. We will share information with parents about their children on a regular basis.  Observations and photographs are taken of the children as evidence of learning and progression.  This information is available to parents at any time.

Health and Safety, Illness, Accidents and Medication

Children should not attend Stickleberries if they are unwell.  Should your child become ill whilst at Stickleberries the parents or carers will be contacted as soon as possible and required to collect their child.

Should a child fall seriously ill or suffer an accident whilst at Stickleberries, every effort will be made to contact the parents and the child’s doctor.  However, if contact is not possible, we reserve the right to take whatever action we deem necessary.  Any accidents that occur to a child are recorded in the accident book and the parents sign and get given a duplicate. All our full time staff hold valid first aid certificates or will be undertaking the relevant training.

If a child requires medication (prescription or otherwise) to be administered by Stickleberries staff, a form will need to be completed and signed by the parent or carer.

Stickleberries strive to provide a safe and secure environment for your child.  Risk Assessments have been carried out in every area (inside and outside the building) and checks are made on a regular basis to minimise potential hazards.   A copy of our full policies on all the above is available on request.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that you will feel part of a team and that you will tell us if we fail in any way to meet our aims and objectives.  If you are uneasy about any aspect of Stickleberries, please feel free to talk over your worries and anxieties with ourselves Sandra and Portia or the room supervisors.  We hope to give a warm welcome to all children, their families and friends. We believe that everyone in the group is entitled to courtesy and respect.  Full details of our policy are available on request.

Key worker system

Your child will be allocated a ‘key person’ to help them settle into Stickleberries.  This ‘key person’ will build a special relationship with your child and help to meet their needs whilst they are in our care.  They will offer security, reassurance and continuity (they will often be the one to feed, change and soothe your child) and are in the best position to understand individual needs.  The ‘key person’ will be someone for you to share information with about your child’s time with us and assist in your child’s transition as they move up through the age groups.

Once your child reaches the appropriate age they will make a seamless transition into early year’s development and pre-school education.  This continuity of care will allow your child to build relationships with adults they can trust and feel comfortable with and form ongoing friendships and bonds with other children.


Here at Stickleberries, education is paramount. How each child learns is surprisingly different.

At Stickleberries your child can explore the delights of being a child whilst discovering that learning for life is fun and fascinating.

Our aim at Stickleberries is to provide an ideal environment for your child to grow and develop in an atmosphere of warmth, security and care.  In this safe environment your child will flourish and will be encouraged to learn through play and given every opportunity to reach their full potential at their own pace.

Weekly planning ensures we meet the individual development needs of each child and closely follow the government guidelines for the Early Years Foundation Stage. We have designed our curriculum to focus on both early years’ educational needs and individual learning styles.

We understand the importance of a healthy balance between adult led activities and child-initiated play. Our playrooms layouts encourages children to indulge in a range of self-directed or group activities and we organise our education around the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  These areas are:

Prime Areas

Children begin to develop quickly in response to relationships and experiences and run through and support learning in all other areas. The Prime Areas continue to be fundamental throughout the EYFS. The three Prime Areas are:

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

Specific Areas

Include essential skills and knowledge. They grow out of the prime areas and provide important contexts for learning. The four Specific Areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design